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Heyy!! My name is Leandra and I'm from Gallifrey, but after the time war I moved to Barbados :)

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New high-score: 12264 😁 i think i have a problem regarding this game #addiction #2048
I got ma hur did today 😁 Now i don’t have to wrestle with it for the rest of summer 😘 #summer #hair #yay
Hey, i’m at the very top πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this is an example of how bored i have been since summer started πŸ˜‚ #kimkardashianhollywood #alist #toofab 😘


accurate representation ofshowing your friend something you enjoy but they dont

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i saw a fake skeleton for sale today for $849 and i was like wtf i could get a real skeleton for free fuck that then i remembered murder is illegal

you’re all going to jail for reblogging this

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All my favorite Harry Potter bad lip reading gifs I have collectedΒ 

I will reblog these every single time.

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It feels weird to be awake but only because @alex_smilexd is asleep right next to me 😣 #dance #sleep #sleepisfortheweak #meh
Woke up early to get breakfast at Brighton Farmer’s Market and ended up finding this pretty wrap-around bracelet 😘 #waffles #jewelry #bracelet #breakfast
@falloutboy #FOBAPMAS cast my votes for Fall Out Boy and couldn’t fit the last one in the picture…oh well 😘
I think “so excite” is my new favourite phrase to use 😁😘 <— still my fav emoji #221back #sherlock #soexcite
Finally got my cake :) too awesome for this ish 😘😘 #awesomeness #cake #caakkeeee
Show is over 😭😭 cant wait til next year 😘 #lwda #dance #showtime
YAY FOR VACATION (not really cuz dance and stuff) THE LAZINESS HAS ALREADY TAKEN OVER (havnt had food yet and it’s after 12:30pm) #summer #ten #doctorwho #tardis #lazy

Aurielle and Seraphim from my Wattpad story “The Ups and Downs in the Life of Aurielle”